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Book Spotlight: 

"Hand position for fingerspelling"

(A brief excerpt from On the Other Hand by Dr. Elaine Costello. South Carolina Department of Education, 1992)

Mastering the art and skill of fingerspelling is a task requiring time and practice. Some basic hints for clearer fingerspelling, include the following:

1) Keep your hand stable; try to NOT bounce your hand or to allow it to "slip away" from its initial position (other than for double letters).
2) Keep your hand in the position demonstrated: palm out, near the shoulder, in the appropriate signing space.
3) Avoid extraneous movements; they are distracting and cause confusion in the intended message.
4) Try to maintain a smooth and steady rhythm in your fingerspelling. Avoid choppy or irregular speed or flow.
5) Give adequate breaks between words.

Source:  "Hand position for fingerspelling" from On the Other Hand by Dr. Elaine Costello

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