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ASL:  Immersion Programs
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In a message dated 9/2/2007 10:13:37 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time, mglover82(at) writes:

Dr Vicars,
... I was wondering if you do any traveling to conduct immersion programs. Several of my co-workers (Educational Interpreters) and I have passed the knowledge portion of the NAD-RID certification and would like to take the performance portion. Our problem is that as educational interpreters we have little opportunity to practice using our receptive skills as a community interpreter would. How would you feel about visiting the good old Eastern Shore of MD (try out the Atlantic Ocean for a change of pace; we are 35 minutes from the beach). We would love to be a part of an immersion program to "warm up" our receptive skill in preparation for the test.
Melinda Glover

Hello Melinda, :)
Thank you for your kind invitation to go out to MD. I have fond memories of the Atlantic from my youth as an intern at the David Taylor Research Center in Annapolis (across the bay from the U.S. Naval Academy).
I receive a number of requests such as yours each year from ASL Heroes around the nation (and occasionally other parts of the world).
And although I would enjoy coming out and meeting a bunch of new people, it realistically isn't feasible for me to launch an immersion workshop in a distant location due to the logistics of finding and arranging for enough talented ASL professionals to be involved. Here in Sacramento I have my finger on the pulse of the local talent and can confidently pull together some really terrific teams.
Now, I feel for you and in an effort to be helpful I'd like to share with you a link to a page I use to post advice to an "ASL Club." Check out:
There is no reason why you can't set up your own immersions there in Maryland. There are many hundreds of ASL professionals there that you can bring together to create an awesome immersion experience.
I'll post a sample list of information that needs to be included in your advertising to help make your event successful.
Best wishes in all your endeavors.
Dr. Bill

What: "The Official Title of the Event"
Who: (Who is invited? Who is this for? ASL students? Everybody?)
Why: Is this a social event? Leadership training? ASL practice?
Date: The day and date of the event: For example: "Saturday, July 24"
Hours: The starting time and the ending time of the event
Cost: Is there some sort of contribution?
Where: Exact street address, and the name of the city
How to get there: insert a "map" from yahoo maps or some other online map: (
Hosted by: (What organization?)
Contact person: First and last name, phone, and email
Interpreter: Is this event interpreted? Is it conducted in ASL?
Close captioning: Will it be captioned?
Dress: Should I wear a tie? Work clothes? Casual? Bring my swimsuit?
Transportation: Is it provided? Carpool available?
Babysitting: Is it provided?
Website: Is there a web page with more information?

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