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American Sign Language: "Yahoo Domain Name"

Question:  Suppose I wanted to say, "I have a new Yahoo domain name."  Or "I have a new domain name. I got it from"  How would I sign that?

Response: There is no widely established sign for "Yahoo" (as in the company) in American Sign Language. I recommend you spell "Yahoo domain" and then sign "name."  See: NAME

The word "domain" as in "a domain name" could be expressed by signing "website address."

Thus you could sign, "I have a new web address.  I use Yahoo."
Or you could sign, "I have a new web server. I use Yahoo." Although that might be misleading since technically you may be getting your domain name from one place and have your hosting done by some other place.

If you are specifically referring to a domain name server then just spell "DNS.

If you mean "Yahoo" as in "Yay!" then see the "APPLAUSE" page.

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