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American Sign Language: "Amish"

A student asked me how to sign "Amish."

I suggested that she search "" to see if anything came up for "Deaf" and Amish -- or ASL and Amish.

She replied:

<< Dr. Bill
Well I’ve been watching YouTube video’s for an hour and in all but one video “Amish” is fingerspelled. In one of the video’s a young man uses an “a” hand in front of chin (palm left) and double taps on chin with the thumb (similar to “secret” but done a little lower).
- Laurie >>

Thus I think it is safe to say that (at this time) in general the concept of Amish is fingerspelled by most native Deaf Adults.
My wife and I both just spell it.  None of my friends seem to know of a specific sign for it.
However, I do think it interesting that there "is" a sign floating around out there for "Amish" that is most likely an initialized sign based (somewhat) on the sign for "BEARD."


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