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American Sign Language: "backpack"

There are several variations of backpack.
Check with your local Deaf or your local instructor for the variation used in your area.

BACKPACK ("A" version)
Use "A" hands.  Hold them a couple of inches in front of your chest with the thumbs pointing up, palm-sides facing each other, about 8 inches apart.  (It sort of looks as if you are holding onto the straps of a backpack.) Move your hands backward twice using a thumping motion on the chest. 


BACKPACK ("G" version)
Use the index and thumb of each hand to show the location and width of the front straps of the backpack. Make two quick 3-inch downward movements tracing the straps of your backpack.


 BACKPACK ("C" version)
This sign uses a double motion.  You hold "C" hands over your shoulders and bring them down twice so that the backs of your thumbs touch the area between your neck and your shoulders.  The sign starts about an inch away from the body, touches, comes up, and comes down again.

BACKPACK / shoulder-bag ("mime" version)

Mime putting on a "shoulder bag." Use one hand/arm. The hand is in an "A" handshape.

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