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American Sign Language: "branch"

The right sign for branch is going to depend on what kind of branch you are referring to.


BRANCH (Version: A branch extending from a tree.)
One approach is to do the sign for "TREE" with your non-dominant hand (and keep it in the air) as you hold the index finger of your dominant hand alongside one of the fingers of the non-dominant hand and move the dominant index finger outward from the tree as if showing how the "branch" extends from the "tree."


BRANCH (Version: Use "C" hands to depict the size and shape of a branch off of a tree: "A large tree branch.")


English uses the word "branch" in various ways. If you use the phrase "branch off of" or "branch off from" it means "diverge" or split off.
To sign DIVERGE, you hold both index fingers (palm down) in front of you. Then slide your dominant index finger forward and veer it off to the side (sort of like an "exit ramp" veering off from a highway. (Keep the non-dominant hand still).

Also see: TREE

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