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American Sign Language: "brown" (older version)

Some of my older friends (but none of my younger ones) use a different version of the sign for brown.  It uses a relaxed "four" handshape that moves downward twice.

BROWN (older version) (not recommended)


In my research on this sign the story I'm told as to the background of this sign is that it represents the color of dirty old brown water coming out of a seldom used water pipe. This is based on the downward movement of the "4" handshape representing such things as "running water," a leak, or the downward flow of liquid.

Remember, I'm not recommending this version, I'm just pointing it out here because it is an interesting old sign that still shows up on the hands of some Deaf people.  Who knows? You just might see it someday and you'll think, "Dr. Bill taught me that variation!"

For the modern (currently used) version of "brown" see: BROWN

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