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American Sign Language:  "bus"

Recommended version:  Just spell B-U-S, (very quickly).

To sign "bus driver" combine the concepts B-U-S+DRIVE+PERSON-agent.

Use a "bent V" and move it backward twice.

Memory aide: Try to imagine in the old days (and in some places still?) the cord that went along the ceiling of a bus.  If you wanted to get off the bus you reached up and pulled on that cord which rang a bell to alert the driver that you wanted to get off the bus.

Note: Some people in the Sacramento, California area use this sign or a "one fingered" version of this sign to mean "light rail."

Sign: BUS-(driving) [VERB form]
The verb "bus" is done by miming the driving of a bus.  Hold on to a very big steering wheel, puff your cheeks out slightly, and turn the wheel back and forth a couple times.  This version tends to show up in stories after you have identified the bus and are indicating how the bus is being driven.

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