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American Sign Language: "close captioned"

Close Captioning is a system of putting subtitles on video programming. Close-captioning is “hidden” unless decoded by a special chip in your monitor. In the "old days" we used to use special decoder boxes that attached to our TV's.  Then a law was passed that required  TV's with screens over 13 inches to have a built-in decoder chip.

The movement is a little bounce from left to right. (If you are right handed.)



Sample sentence:  Is your TV close captioned?


There is a sign that means "captions" or "captioning." This version is based on and looks a lot like the sign for "STORY."  But there is a subtle difference.  The wrists bend slightly and the hands angle as if applying cellophane tape to a wall.  This sign carries a meaning of "sentences on the screen" or "captioning."



"captioning" animated:


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