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American Sign Language: "cup"

The sign for "cup" is made by forming your right hand into the letter "c." Place your right hand into your uplifted left palm. Some people use a very small repeated movement.  This sign can also be used to mean "can" as in a container of food.



Suppose, for some reason, you needed to differentiate between a cup, a glass, and a bottle.  You could use a variation of "cup" that shows a larger shape.

CUP: Uses a small double motion that starts two inches off the palm, touches the palm, comes up an inch then touches again.
CAN: The CUP sign can be used for the noun "CAN" as in "a can of beans."
GLASS: Uses a larger motion that starts on the palm, moves up about 3 and a half inches off the palm.

"Bottle" uses a larger motion that starts on the palm and moves about 7 to 9 inches up. 

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