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American Sign Language: "cute"

The sign for "cute" uses the same handshape, location, movement and palm orientation as a version of the sign "sugar." The main difference between the two signs is the facial expression.  Sugar tends to be two movements. "Cute" can either be one or two movements. If you are talking about a cute baby or a kitty (or something similar) you can use a double motion and increased facial expression for emphasis of the "cuteness."



Sample sentence: "Who do you think is cute?" (YOU THINK CUTE, WHO?")


Students ask me why it is that they sometimes see the sign CUTE done with a double movement and sometimes they see it done with a single movement. 

The sign CUTE is generally done with a single movement. The single movement version is good for concepts such as: sexy, "hot," attractive, and so forth.

For example, the single movement version would work well for a sentence such as, "Oh wow, check out that cute fox!"

When you want to indicate something is cute as in "adorable," "sweet," "innocent," or "motherese" (child directed talk) you use a double movement.  For example suppose you are talking about a "baby."
"Aww, that baby is sooooo cuuuuute!"


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