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Sign Language: "Deafhood"

The sign for "Deafhood" is a combination of the ASL sign DEAF and the sign GUTS.
(If you don't like the idea of calling that second part of the sign "guts" you can think of it as being "that which is at my core."  So, you can think of this sign as meaning "Deaf at the core."  Or think of it as meaning "Deaf inside at a fundamental level."

The sign DEAF touches the index finger to the cheek near the ear. Then the finger lifts off of the cheek a bit and moves in a small arc and touches the cheek again near the mouth.

Then you sign "guts" by forming your hand into a "bent" handshape and poking the side of your abdomen once or twice. (Since this is a compound sign you should just touch the "guts" part of the sign once.)


Note: Some people just sign DEAF and then spell hood. Some people sign DEAF and then sign PRO-3-POSS+.  (That is a fancy way of saying do the third person possessive pronoun and then do it an additional time.  Or I could have typed "HIS-HIS" -- but that is awkward when you are striving to be gender neutral in your writing eh?)


Animated gif: DEAFHOOD:

"Deafhood" generally refers to a Deaf person's individual life journey.

Also see: DEAFNESS

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