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American Sign Language: "don't know"

The sign "don't-KNOW" starts similar to the sign for KNOW and then twists the hand to that it points forward. You can emphasize the "not knowing" aspect of this sign by shaking your head a bit and raising your shoulders a bit (see the version further below).


Below I'm showing a "casual" version of the sign.  Note how it starts on or near the cheek (instead of the forehead) and twists forward. This version of the sign "don't know" uses a movement somewhat similar to "know that." The difference is that DON'T KNOW keeps the "B" (or "flat") handshape and tends to raise the shoulders and use a head shake.

don't-KNOW (casual version

If you have Windows media player, you might be able to view this .wmv file: DON'T KNOW


Also see: KNOW

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