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American Sign Language: "drunk"



Memory aid: Think of the "A" hand as representing a bottle and the person is so drunk that as he (or she) tries to take a swig he misses his mouth.

Animation: DRUNK:


DRUNK:  (Version 2)
This version means drunk but it also is good for such things as "tipsy" or "buzzed."

Hold a palm-down 4-hand up in front of your eyes (fingertips pointing toward the side.  Move the hand side to side in front of your face while wiggling your fingers. Use a "drunk" facial expression.



ALCOHOLIC: A student asked me how to sign "alcoholic."  There are several ways.

One way is to sign "HE/SHE DRUNK HE." (Using the "A" hand version). That works to mean "He is an alcoholic" if the person isn't obviously drunk at the moment. If he or she is obviously drunk then that statement would be interpreted to mean "He is drunk."  To make it clear that you mean "an alcoholic" you can add the "PERSON-agent affix" to the sign DRUNK.

Another way to indicate being an alcoholic is to sign "alcohol" and then use the "ADDICTED" sign which uses an "X" hand to (pretend) hook onto the corner of the mouth and (slightly) jerk the head to the side as if indicating someone is "hooked" like a fish. Thus "alcoholic" = ALCOHOL + ADDICT.

Another way to indicate "alcoholic" is to fingerspell: "AA" which is interpreted by many to mean that a person is an alcoholic and is involved with the "whole process" of being an alcoholic including current or previous attendance at Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.


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