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American Sign Language: "embarrassed"

The sign for "embarrassed" has several versions.

To do the general sign for embarrassed, alternate moving your hands upward alongside your head as if showing the blood rushing up into your face as you are feeling embarrassed. Use a bit of a rotating movement for each hand (up, forward a bit, down, back a bit).

EMBARRASSED (main version)


Sample sentence:  "Do you embarrass easily?" = EMBARRASS EASY YOU?

Another version of "embarrassed" is based on the concept of "going red in the face."
This sign is a combination of "red" and "level rise up."

"RED-FACE-RISE-UP" = "Go red in the face from embarrassment."


There is another version that also means to go red in the face.  It means "blush." Some people precede this sign with the sign "red." (Like in the version above.)



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