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American Sign Language: "exam"

The sign for "exam" as in "a test" is generally done by doing the TEST sign.  See: TEST

If you mean "exam" as in "eye exam" then use the sign for "INVESTIGATE"

If you are talking about an exam as in going to the doctor for a "physical exam" then you could either sign "BODY INVESTIGATE" or more commonly: BODY "ANALYZE"


Dear Dr. Bill,
I work as an ophthalmic technician at Hollaway Eye Associates. I've been learning ASL and hope to be certified one day. For work purposes though, I was wondering what the sign for exam, as in an eye exam, would be? I looked online for awhile buy I just wasn't finding anything. I know you must be incredibly busy, definitely in the fall season, but if you get the chance, any advice would help. :)

Hello :)
The best sign for "exam" when referring to an "eye exam" is the "CHECK" sign repeated twice -- which can be used to mean "investigate."
Dr. Bill


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