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Hi, Doc.
...My husband and I asked several deaf people for the sign for "ferret." We have three ferrets and fingerspelling it all the time is tedious. So, my husband suggested three bounces of a pointing finger. I kind of liked it and asked a deaf friend at work. She shook her head while thinking, then suggested an "F" shape bouncing. We liked it, and so did others we've shown it to. Ferrets do bounce all over the place. So that's our home sign for ferret, and I'm hoping it'll catch on with other signers. Do you like it? Wanna see pictures of our ferrets? No. Aw, darn.

I don't know about the "F" hand bouncing.  Depends on how you are bouncing it. If you are bouncing it across your signing space that is different from bouncing it up and down in the same place.  If you bounce it up and down in the same place it would conflict somewhat with the sign for the "Fremont" School for the Deaf (CSD).
Perhaps it would be better to use a flattened "O" handshape to represent the shape of the head and the way the ferret moves its head side to side when getting ready to attack a snake. 

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