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American Sign Language:  "fish"

In this sign for FISH, the right hand  waves back and forth while moving forward a few inches.  This resembles the movement of a fish swimming through water.

FISH ("a fish")


If you are talking about the act of "fishing" rather than "a fish" you need to use the version of this sign which looks like you are casting a fishing line.  Do a double "cast."


Do you like fishing?

CAST: If are referring to the act of casting a line, (verb form) just do a single movement.


Suppose you want to say, "I like to eat seafood." You would sign "I LIKE EAT FISH."  Or if someone asked, "What is your favorite food?" You could answer "FISH."  Or you could answer, FISH, SHRIMP, SUSHI, VARIOUS (which would mean "seafood."  Or you could spell SEA and sign EAT.


You might see the sign FISH done with two hands. The non-dominant hand might touch the wrist of the dominant hand. The handshape of the non-dominant hand might be a flat hand or it might be an index finger.  I do not recommend this version of the sign because it takes more effort but sometimes we add the second hand on the first reference to make the sign more clear or obvious.

FISH (version) (not recommended)

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