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American Sign Language:  "fly (insect)"

For more "fly" versions, as in "flying" see:  FLY

As in a bug that flies around and bothers people.
Version 1:  Spell it.


Because the word "fly" is so short (three letters) this concept is often just spelled out.  But, if for some reason, (maybe you are telling a story), and you need an actual sign for fly here is a sign that works pretty good for indicating the insect known as a "fly."


If you want to talk about a fly buzzing around, I'd use an "F" handshape.  Pretend you are holding a fly between your index finger and thumb.  Then wiggle your hand around as if the imaginary fly between your finger and thumb were buzzing around in the air.

FLY-("buzzing around")


Also see: "FIREFLY"

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