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American Sign Language: "Gallaudet"

Note: Gallaudet University is a “Deaf” university in the northeast area of Washington D.C.  It was named after Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet.

The sign for Gallaudet (both the University and the man) is the same as one of the versions of the sign for "GLASSES."  Use a single motion. Start at the side of the eye with a "wide G handshape" and pull the hand backward about two inches into a "closed G handshape." 


Sample sentence: Did you go to Gallaudet? = "YOU GALLAUDET YOU?"

If you are already "into" the conversation you can just sign, "GALLAUDET YOU?" and it will be easily understood.

For information regarding "Gallaudet" check out the Gallaudet research papers.

The sign "GALLAUDET" can be used to mean "glasses." It can also be used to mean "Moses." This provides an interesting little memory aid: "Gallaudet was the Moses of the Deaf Community." (Ahem.)


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