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American Sign Language: "I'm losing my hearing."

The sign for "physical hearing" is not the same as the concept as being "Hearing person" culturally. For how to sign the concept of "He/she is a member of the (culturally) 'Hearing' world," see: HEARING.

Quite a few people write in to ask how to sign: "I am losing my hearing." 
These individuals are indeed losing their hearing and thus seeking to enter the Deaf world and one of the first things they need to know how to sign is "I'm losing my hearing." (Since it is very common for us Deaf people to want to know why you are learning our language.



"I'm losing my hearing."  = "EAR/HEARING" + DETERIORATE-(sink)

Video: "Losing My Hearing" (My hearing is going down. / .mp4 format) (Requires "Quicktime plugin or similar.)

Also see: "HEAR"
Also see: "HEARING"

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