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American Sign Language: "hello"




Amy writes:

I was looking thru your dictionary and couldn't find the signs for hello and goodbye. I'm sure they are universal like just waving your hand or something. I have been using your dictionary to teach my deaf dog signs so we can communicate. I don't know what to do when I tell her goodbye so I just tell her good girl then leave. Are goodbye and hello just as simple as the "quiet" sign?
- Amy

Dear Amy,
That is right. Just use the same signs that you would in the "hearing world." While there is no one specific type of "wave," in general you wave hello with a side to side movement. Wave good bye with a bending of the large knuckles or at the wrist.
- Dr. Bill

In a message dated 11/6/2006 11:27:05 A.M. Pacific Standard Time, casandra.grahn@ writes:

Hi Dr. Vicars,
I was wondering, how do you sign hi. Do you just wave at someone, because that might look like hey, or would that be ok?
- Casandra Grahn

Dear Casandra,
Yes, that is how you do it. Just a natural wave of the hand. The difference between "hi" and "hey" is that "hi" is more of a sideways sweep and "hey" is an up and down flutter.
- Dr. Bill

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