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American Sign Language: "high school"

The sign for "high school" uses an "H" and a "modified" S-hand.
Spell "H" and then quickly change into an S-hand. (Don't worry if the "S" hand ends up sideways.)


Note: The arm doesn't move. Just change the handshape from an "H" to an "S" handshape.
The "S" can either end up sideways (as a result of high-speed signing) or it can end up in the more traditional orientation.

Sample sentence: When did you graduate from high school?


For your ASL class or during a test however I recommend you sign it using one of these ways:
HIGH SCHOOL, YOU GRADUATE WHEN?  [This is an example of topicalization. The "object" becomes the topic.]
YOU GRADUATE HIGH SCHOOL WHEN?  [This is an example of using "YOU" as the subject, followed by a verb and an object; then followed by a "WH"-type question. ]

One of the reasons we tend to put "WH"-type signs like "WHEN" at the end of a sentence is so that we don't have to furrow our eyebrows as much. (Since we usually furrow our eyebrows when asking "WH"-type questions: (WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, WHICH, WHY, HOW, HOW-MANY)

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