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American Sign Language:  "inch"


"inches" = I-N-C-H 
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Example:  "15 inches" = "15 I-N-C-H" (We drop the "es." The number 15 causes the "INCH" to be plural without adding the "es."

Related concepts:

"miles" = M-I-L-E
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Example: "100 miles" = "100 M-I-L-E" or "100 M-I-L-E-S."
Note: While we almost never see "inches" spelled with the "es," we do often see the "s" used with "miles."
Note: I've seen a number of people (mostly young) use the sign "ODOMETER" (right index finger circling left index finger) to mean "miles."

"gallon" = GAL 
g.gif (156913 bytes)a.gif (156187 bytes)l.gif (199517 bytes)
Example:  "12 gallons" = "12 G-A-L"





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