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American Sign Language:  "jump"


The sign for "jump" depends on your meaning and who or what is doing the jumping.  A needle on a meter jumping is signed much differently than a human being jumping.  A "cow jumping over the moon" is signed much differently than a little bird hopping around.

The generic sign for jump is to use an upside down "V" to represent what it looks like when a person jumps:


JUMP (generic)


Don't use the generic two-legged "JUMP" sign (above) for concepts other than standard human or primate jumping or leaping. If you want to sign "My heart jumped" then use a flutter motion near your heart. If you want to sign "Dad helped me jump my car (battery)," Then do a mime type motion (instrument classifier) showing the attaching of the jumper cables (the thumb, index, and middle fingers latch on to imaginary battery posts).


Suppose you were talking about a horse riding competition and needed to indicate that the horse jumped over something. You would use a two handed version of the the sign "jump."

JUMPED: (4-legged animal)


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