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American Sign Language:  "last"

LAST: last:  "final"  "end of a series"
Both hands in "i" handshapes.  The left hand stays stationary. The right pinkie makes contact with the left pinkie .
Some people do this sign using an "index finger" on the dominant and a pinkie on the non-dominant hand. 

Notice how the left hand doesn't move:

Note:  This sign is also sometimes used to mean "least" but instead you should probably use the sign "minimum" to mean "least.
Note:  The sign LAST isn't used in such concepts as "last year, last week, and/or last month."  Those concepts incorporate some aspect of the sign "PAST" (over the shoulder) to indicate a previous year, week, or month. 

Also see: CONTINUE
The sign "continue" would be used for sentences like, "We don't have much left. We need to conserve what we have so we can make it last."

Also see: LAST-YEAR (2)

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