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American Sign Language: "lime"

In all my years I've never seen a good sign for lime. If you see one. Let me know. Heh. Maybe next time I visit South America someone down there will have a good sign, but up here in the States we just spell it.

May I direct your attention to that sexy looking "E?"  See it right after the "M?"  Note that the shape of the "E" is influenced by the letter "M" preceding it. When you spell "LIME" at high speed, the index, middle, and ring fingers of the "M" just naturally snap up onto the thumb to form that version of the letter "E."  Fascinating eh? Quick now -- go and update all your friends about this. Then call your mother and let her know too.  But hey, the moment you ask your Deaf friend to model it, (by spelling L-I-M-E) their brain switches gears and he or she subconsciously tries to pretty it up for you and will likely just show you a "four-fingered E."  (Whew, I bet your ASL 1 textbook never called it that eh?)  Oh well.

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