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American Sign Language: "located at"

There are numerous ways to indicate that something is "located at" a certain place.
A simple way is to use a version of the sign for "there."



IT / HE / SHE / THERE / "the one that is right there" 


If you want to say, "there was a house there," or "the kitchen was there" or "in this area we have" or "there was a group of people over here," etc. you could use this version of the sign for "THERE." 

First you would do the item being referenced (a house, a group, a type of room) and then you would use this sign to indicate "where it is."

THERE-(placement) (Version: placement or location of something substantive)


You can reach further out and use your facial expressions to indicate that something (such as a house) is "waaaaay out there."

"Way out in the middle of nowhere."


For more information, see: LOCATIONS

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