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American Sign Language:  "match"

Related concepts: combine, partner, roommate, companion)

MATCH:  Can be used to mean: "combine." 

You could add the "agent" sign to the "match" sign and it would mean "partner."
Note:  If you mean "join," instead use the sign "of / join / connect / own."

If you do a
double movement with this sign, the meaning changes to mean "roommate," "partner," or "companion."

See: "roommate"

MATCH: "light a match"
If you mean "match" as in "Hey buddy, got a match?" (to create flame), you show this sign by miming the striking of a match.
I grab an imaginary match in my dominant hand (my right hand), and strike it against the palm of my non-dominant hand (my left hand). The fingers of my left hand are either pointing up or forward and the palm is pointing to the right. I do the movement twice to mean a noun, and once (large) to mean a verb.
To sign "light a match" you'd use this sign:

To do the noun form "a match" do two very small movements.  Or just spell M-A-T-C-H.

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