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American Sign Language: "mosquito"

Jab your non-dominant hand with the index and thumb of the dominant hand as if holding a needle (or stinger). Then slap the top of your hand as if squashing the little bloodsucker dead.



I see this version show up from time to time.

MOSQUITO: (funny / cool version)


In the version above I'm holding my left fist on my nose and I'm moving my dominant (right) hand --doing a twisting movement as if my nose were a drill and I'm a mosquito "drilling for blood."

An alternate way to do this version would be to hold the non-dominant "fist" about a foot from the nose, and hold the dominant hand fist between the nose and the non-dominant hand and then move the dominant hand as if turning a "hand drill." 

Either way, ham it up, have a good time. You only live once (and not for very long if you are the mosquito in version 1).

A student raised her hand in class and asked what I meant by a "hand drill." I realized that today's generation of college "kids" have likely never seen an old fashioned "hand drill."

In the old days people used drills that worked without electricity. These were "before my time" too mind you. But I have seen one before and I think they are pretty cool.



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