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American Sign Language:  "name"

Video of "NAME"

Handshape:  "H" handshape on both hands.
Movement:  Tends to be a double movement (but a single movement is also common).
Non-Manual Marker: In general this uses a neutral facial expression.  In the sentence "What is your name?"  signed as NAME YOU? (Wh-question expression) you furrow the eyebrows and tilt the head forward a bit.

Inflections:  NAMED (verb)  (When he was a puppy I named my dog Fido)  [Note:  For the verb version of this sign, I use a single movement.]

Sample usage:  "What is your name?"
In the example below note my facial expression.  The furrowed eyebrows, the tilt of my head, and the location of my hands all turn this one sign into a whole sentence: "What is your name?"  You don't need any additional signs to express this meaning.   This is often signed as "NAME YOU?" Or "YOUR NAME?"

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Optional Reading (Not needed for class)

"NAME vs MENTION-(called, named, christened...)"
Technically "NAME: is a double movement (noun) and the verb form is the single movement.
I've noticed many of us tend to sign "NAME YOU?" using a single movement for NAME.  So I think in reality that the noun/verb rule tends to get mangled quite a bit.



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