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American Sign Language:  "note"

The sign for "note" means "to record," "make a note of something," "write something down," or "put it down on paper."

Handshape = modified "O"-hand, changes into a flat hand.



Deaf college students sometimes use note-takers in class so they can focus on the interpreter.  This is somewhat less common now than before due to laptops and/or netbooks etc. making it possible to touch-type your notes and still pay attention to the terp.

You can use the sign "NOTE" to mean "note-taker" by adding the "person." sign

Sample sentence: "Deaf college students need notetakers why?"

I'll be changing that sentence soon because it gives the wrong impression that I need a notetaker.  I don't "need" one. Once in a while they are nice to have, but I get along just fine without one. Especially if I have my laptop handy. Instead the sentence should say something to the effect of "sometimes use" (rather than "need.")

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