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American Sign Language: "odd"


ODD-(opposite of even) 
When referring to "odd and even" numbers just spell the concepts: O-D-D / E-V-E-N.

Some people do the sign "EQUAL" to mean "even."

The term "odd" can be expressed by using the sign for "STRANGE" but if you are talking about "odd numbers" I recommend just spelling O-D-D.




Sample sentence: "Do you like try strange new food?" = FOOD, STRANGE NEW, YOU LIKE EAT?



STRANGER: Many people use the sign STRANGE with the "PERSON / AGENT" sign to mean, "stranger."  This usage is contested by and not approved by some ASL instructors.

Another approach to signing "stranger" is to use the signs "NEW"-"PERSON-(agent)" to mean "stranger." 

Yet another approach is to use the construction of your sentence to create the desired meaning.

For example: YESTERDAY PRO-1 INDEX-[at] WORK HAPPEN SOMEONE! MAN CL:1-"walked_past_quickly" I NEVER SEE PRO-3 BEFORE.  That sentence (gloss) would be generally mean: "Yesterday at work a stranger (some guy I've never seen before) rushed past me.

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Also see: WEIRD

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