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American Sign Language: "peanut butter"

Combine the signs "peanut" and "butter."



In a message dated 11/17/2004 7:27:24 AM Pacific Standard Time, Robin.George@____ writes:
I'm trying to confirm the sign for "peanut butter"
Do you combine these two signs, or is there a simpler sign to teach my young students?
The sign PEANUT-BUTTER is a combination of PEANUT and BUTTER.
When signed as part of PEANUT-BUTTER the sign BUTTER uses a single movement instead of a double movement.

To sign peanut, put the tip of your thumb behind your two front teeth then move your hand forward about 6 inches (which causes the thumb to drag a bit on the bottom edge of your two front teeth as you move the hand forward). During high speed signing you don't actually have to touch your teeth -- you just come close to it. Then do a one-movement version of "butter" by dragging the tips of the index and middle fingers of an open-H hand across the non-dominant palm.


Animation:  peanut-butter



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