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American Sign Language: "pineapple"

The sign for "pineapple" has a couple versions.
I recommend you use the "F" hand near the "eye" version.  This version was shown to me by a fellow from Hawaii. Apparently it is based on the "fruit hat" made popular by the Chiquita advertising campaign.
Use a double movement.



PINEAPPLE (animated)


Another version of "pineapple" is to use a "P" (a "K" actually) on the cheek.  Twist it twice.

PINEAPPLE (version 2, initialized)


PINEAPPLE (version 2, initialized) (animated)


In a message dated 11/14/2011 4:18:36 P.M. Pacific Standard Time, Jamie Saunders writes:

Hi Dr. Vicars,
I really enjoyed showing your dictionary to my teachers and students a lot and I am profoundly deaf/ native ASL signer myself. I noticed there is a word needed to add to your dictionary: PINEAPPLE.. Can you please add and thought a bit more about contrasting with PICKLE?  My co-workers (kindergarten teacher who is hearing ) and I debate what is right sign for "pickle" and "pineapple." I have searched all online and PICKLE/PINEAPPLE are similar in signs. I know you are very busy man and we would love to hear back from you one day when you are free.
Much Thanks!
~Jamie Saunders

Hello :)
Well, for many years I did the sign PINEAPPLE using the tip of the middle finger of a "K" handshape on my cheek.  I differentiated the sign PINEAPPLE from sign with PICKLE by doing the sign PICKLE near the corner of my chin.
Then one day a friend who has spent some time in Hawaii showed me her sign for PINEAPPLE using an "F" hand in front of her eye and explained to me that it had to do with the "fruit hat" like the one worn by the "Chiquita Lady" (in the advertisements by the Chiquita company that sells bananas and related items).
Since the "F"-hand version of the sign PINEAPPLE is very iconic (the extended fingers look like the leaves of a pineapple plant) and it has ties to a cultural aspect of the usage of a pineapple (being with other fruit in a fruit basket carried on the head) I was instantly smitten with the appropriateness of the sign and I highly recommend it to you as my preferred version.
-- Dr. Bill



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