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American Sign Language: "refrigerator"

Spell:  R-E-F

REFRIGERATOR (recommended version)

Sample sentence: "Is your refrigerator full?"


Some people are likely to say that the initialized version of refrigerator (below) is not an ASL sign--that it is "signed English."
I think if you've interviewed enough "Deaf Native ASL" signers (as I have) you will become convinced that every one of them recognizes this sign in context, and many use it as their preferred sign for "refrigerator." Just because a sign has an "English" letter in it doesn't mean it is "signed English."  But many teachers are inflexible about it, so do it their way until you get your grade.  To do this version of the sign refrigerator you simply form "R" hands and then do a slight shaking ("shivering") motion of the forearms. It is an initialized version of the sign "COLD."

Another way to sign this is to use an initialized version of the sign for "door." Use "R" hands instead of "flat hands."


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