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American Sign Language:  "rooster"

ROOSTER: Tap your forehead twice with the tip of the thumb of your "three hand."


* This is the same sign as "BIRD."

Even though this is the same sign as "BIRD" it is easily understood in context.
If you have to have a difference, you can do the "beak" sign with your right hand and hold your left flat hand palm up in front of you.  Then bring the "beak" down to the left hand to represent a chicken pecking for seeds on the ground. After the tip of the beak touches the palm once, pull the beak up about three inches and down again.

In a message dated 9/3/2009 1:54:02 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time, Rmellis5 writes:
Dr. Vicars,
I am confused about the chicken sign. In SC I have seen a different sign used. Can you tell me if you have seen it and if it is correct? The thumb of the right hand touches the chin and the first two fingers are sticking up but slightly crooked and the last two fingers stay bent into the palm. There is also a tapping of this sign on the chin. Please help.
Thanks, Melanie Ellis

Yes, I've seen that version.
I generally use that to mean "hen." I do my version of hen using a "three" handshape (the index and middle are not bent) and tap it on the chin twice.
To do rooster, I do that sign on the head.
So, I can certainly see how in your region that the "hen" sign would come to be used to mean "chicken."
-- Bill

HEN  (or in some regions "chicken")


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