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American Sign Language: "save"

The right sign for "save" varies according to your sentence and your meaning.


If you mean "save" as in "storage," "keep," or preserve then use this version. 
You will see it done with either a single or a double movement. The single movement tends to function as a verb ("Store up" one movement vs "storage" two movements).  The fingers of the dominant "V" hand slap the back of the non-dominant fist.

SAVE / PRESERVE / STORE-(storage) (version 1)


Here is a slight tweak on that sign.
Both ways are popular. 
SAVE / PRESERVE / STORE-(storage) (version 2)

This sign is part of a  group of signs that can be initialized to modify their meanings.  By putting an "S" on the sign it is interpreted as "save."  You could also use the location, movement, and palm orientation with varying handshapes (initials) to mean: Free, Liberal, and/or Independent.
You could add the "AGENT / person" suffix to this sign to mean "SAVIOR."


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