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American Sign Language:  "sidewalk"

The sign for "sidewalk" is a version of the sign "STREET / WAY / PATH."

To sign "sidewalk," do the STREET sign off to the side and aimed just a bit downward.


Also see: STREET and HALL.

In a message "wheremyheartrests" writes:
Hello Dr. Vicars,

My name is Chad [name on file], and I contacted you before regarding the sign for sidewalk. I never did tell you the reason I asked for this sign. In my home-town we have a policy for no skateboarding on the sidewalk near the courthouse. If someone is caught skateboarding there by the local police they may be cited a fine. The signs are posted, but a few of them are not readily visible (sometimes I wonder if the town does this on purpose.) One of my deaf acquaintances is a skateboarder, as am I. I was trying to explain to him about the signs, but did not know how to sign sidewalk. But now I do, thanks to your great explanation!

Thank you, and Lord Bless,
- Chad [name on file].

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