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American Sign Language: "skateboard"

Here is a good general sign for "skateboard."
It is based on the concept of four wheels.
The upside down bent "V" handshapes represent two-wheels each.
You do a double forward movement. (You move forward about 10 centimeters, back 8 centimeters, and forward 10 centimeters).

SKATEBOARD (or "skateboarding")


Animation: "skateboard"


There are other signs for "skateboarding" out there.
For example, one version uses the non-dominant palm-down flat-hand to represent the skateboard and puts the index finger of your dominant upside-down "V" hand on the "skateboard" to represent a person "on the skate board." Then you move the middle finger as if it were a leg and foot "pushing" your skateboard forward. It is a pretty clever little sign but doesn't feel quite as natural as the version above.


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