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American Sign Language: "so"

The sign for "so" is basically a gesture meaning "Well? What?" The facial expression is used to turn it into a question by raising your eyebrows (as in "What's your point?) or a rhetorical question. If you don't raise your eyebrows it can mean such things as, "So, then I ...."


"SO?"  "Well?"  "What is your point?"  "What do you want from me?"



* If I wanted to sign, "I'm going to school so I can get a better job."  I could instead sign:  "I go school WHY? Better job" or "I go school for better job." Or I could sign "FOR-FOR?" which equals "What for?"


* There is another sign for "SO" that is used "out there" in the real world. If is different from the one I show here. It uses two "S" hands, the dominant hand makes a downward / forward movement and glances against the side of the left hand -- but that sign is "English" and not "ASL" based.  I'm not going to do a graphic for it since too many of my students will latch onto it and start misusing it.  Stick with the gesture above and your signing will look more like that which is done by native Deaf adults.

Also see: "SO-SO."

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