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American Sign Language: "throw"

The right sign for "throw" depends on your meaning.

Start by placing the pad of your thumb on the fingernails of your index and middle fingers.  Change that handshape into an "H" handshape as you thrust your hand in the direction of the path of whatever is being thrown.
If you do the movement toward a garbage can and/or downward and off to the side this version is commonly used to mean "Throw away."  If you identify a certain object such as a "ball" you can then use this sign to show the speed, manner, and direction in which the ball is thrown.

THROW (general) 

Example: "Throw it away" (downward movement -- as if throwing something into a garbage can)

Also see: Animation: "THROW"
Note: If you are throwing something very far, then it would be appropriate to use a "plosive" mouth morpheme as if you were saying "boo" or "ptoo."


THROW as in "toss a ball"
You can can use a more "mime-like" method to show specifically how a ball (or similar item) was thrown.



If you mean "throw" as in "abandon" or "leave it there" use "5"-handshapes on each hand and mime the act of tossing a sack or bag onto the ground.

ABANDON or "Leave it there":


If you mean "throw" as in "just put it over there somewhere" start with flattened-"O" handshapes

and thrust them toward the destination as you change the handshapes into loose "5"-handshapes.


For more information on "putting" things where they go, see "PUT."

If you mean "throw up" as in "vomit" see: VOMIT

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