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American Sign Language:  "tool"


Notes:  There is no widely accepted sign for tool.  Most people familiar with the language will tell you to spell it.
I notice that when I spell it I form a "T", change into a modified "O" that uses the thumb, index, and middle fingers (with the other two "sort of" rounded but not like in a full "O-handshape), slide the hand about two inches and change into an L.

If I "think about it" I end up doing a full O-handshape.  Thus you can see this fingerspelled sign is somewhat lexicalized (mutated to become more "sign-like") but that it is only marginally so and you could get into some great arguments over it.  (Have fun.)  Now, that being said, lets look at some other ways to express the concept:






DRILL: Notes:  Show the drilling of a hole.

DRILL: animated




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