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VEGETABLES:  (Version 1)
Here's the way I sign "vegetables."  I just stick the tip of the index finger of a "V" handshape on my cheek and twist my hand twice.  The "V" pivots on the tip of the index finger.  The middle finger isn't touching the face.

VEGETABLES:  (Version 2)
Many of my friends signs vegetables this way.  The "V" flips around and faces backward.  First the index finger touches the eheek, then the middle finger.

VEGETABLES:  (Version 2:  Animated example)

VEGETABLES:  (Fingerspelled Version)
Lots of people just spell the letters "V-E-G."

Note:  If you do the twist on cheek version of the sign "vegetable" a little lower (on the side of your chin) it can be used to mean "VINEGAR."  This usually isn't a problem during a conversation. I just include it here so you can impress your friends with your knowledge of a sign that isn't well known. 

American Sign Language University ASL resources by Dr. William Vicars
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