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American Sign Language: "wow"


It is very common to see people use fingerspelling to show the concept of "WOW!" It is done by starting with the "W" in the normal neutral fingerspelling location and then as you change to an "O" you bring the hand closer to the body and then as you change to the second "W" you throw the hand outward to the side.

Here's a way to sign "WOW" that shakes a loose "5" hand. This version of "wow" can be used as a general statement of intensity. "Oh boy!"  "Oh my heck!"



Here's sort of a pun. It is
a funny way to sign WOW.  You use your mouth to be the "o" in "wow!"

WOW (pun version)


You might also see variations where people spell W-O-W.



There are even more ways to sign "wow." One that I need to get around to posting uses a 'Y" handshape held in front of the face with the thumb pointing toward the face and the pinkie pointing frontward. The hand moves left an inch or two, back to the right an inch or two, and left again using a very fast movement and an intense facial expression.
[Need to post: "WOW" ("y"-hand version]


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