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American Sign Language:  "ZZ"  (The double letter z.)


Richard S. from  Avon Park, Fla. writes:

When I was taught to fingerspell a word with two duplicate letters (ie: Pizza, LeTTer, aCCept) we fingerspelled the letter Z for example and shifted / bounced our hand to left (I am left handed) and repeated the letter “Z” again. Is there an optional way to let the reader know we are signing the two same letters in a row? I was at Lesson 20, Practice Sheet 20.D Number 19 “Which do you prefer, thick or thin crust pizza?” It appeared you finger spelled the Letter “Z’ once followed by a modified number 2 sign.
Please help.
Thank you
-  Richard

Hello :)
The double letter "Z" is done with a "V" or "2" handshape that traces a "Z" movement.
It is a special case, and while it seems like a clever little trick, it is the right way to do double "Z's."
If you do a double "Z" any other way it would actually be non-standard.
-- Bill


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