I recorded a series of videos to test my ASL University distance education students.  Later I converted the videos into files and placed the files on CDs.  Later still I packed those CDs into the ASLU "Superdisk."
Each video contains hundreds of questions and are great for checking your progress. Versions of the practice sentences and vocabulary from the website are presented in full motion as numbered questions.   Each video covers a whole unit (five lessons) so the tests are somewhat long.  For example, the first video has 321 questions!

The Superdisk contains:
[Level 1 Series]
The Unit 1 CD corresponds to lessons 1-5
The Unit 2 CD corresponds to lessons 6-10
The Unit 3 CD corresponds to lessons 11-15

[Level 2 Series]
The Unit 4 CD corresponds to lessons 16-20
The Unit 5 CD corresponds to lessons 21-25
The Unit 6 CD corresponds to lessons 26-30

Note:  The files work on most PCs (and seem to work on newer Macs but no guarantee -- if you get the disk and it doesn't work on your machine, let me know I'll refund your money). The main video files are in Windows Media Format.  When you click on the link they play using your Windows Media Player (which is already installed in most computers with Windows operating systems) or "Real Player." While you are waiting for them to arrive, I recommend you install the latest version of Windows Media Player (FREE).  The answer sheets are included on the disk.

The system requirements to run the superdisk:
*  Windows 95 or newer operating system. (Think you can manage that? Grin.)
*  The latest version of Windows Media Player or a similar video player.  (Modern Windows Systems already have this installed. Or you can download one for free from Microsoft.com/mediaplayer)
*  Internet Explorer (Any recent version)

The Unit Testing video files on the Superdisk are based on the ASL University curriculum and are designed to help you test your progress on the lessons. The disk contains video files, study sheets, numbered sheets for your responses, and answer files.

For example, the Unit one section:

When you view the video file on this CD you will notice that I start off by signing #1 and then I sign the word "AGAIN."

On the first video I generally repeat myself three times for each concept. On later CDs I show the signs fewer times.

Next I sign "#2. DEAF."
Then I sign #3. HEARING."
Then #4. WHAT (huh?)
and # 5. LEARN
and so forth all the way to number 321.

If you go to the ASL University website you will find a series of lessons. Go through the lessons at the website prior to testing yourself with the video file on these CDs.

In each lesson you will see the list of linked vocabulary. If you will go though this list, click on the links, and learn the signs prior to taking the quiz on the video, you will recognize the signs that are being done on the video.

Watch the signs on the video file to see if you remember them from the website. You can write them down or you can copy and paste the numbered response sheets into whatever word processor you'd like to use, and then type out your answers.

So, you look at the cd and do numbers 1 - 48 for quiz one.
Then the next day you study lesson 2 and do quiz 2's questions off of the disk.
Then the next day you do lesson 3: study the website "lesson 3" then pop in the disk and do the corresponding questions that you see in the lesson 3 quiz. And you keep that up until you are done with all of the quizzes.

You can correct your answers by using the answer sheets stored on the disk (see the links above). When you get done with the first five lesson quizzes you are ready to move on to the next disk. Each disk contains a video file that covers five lessons.