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American Sign Language: "bed"

Warning:  The concept of "BED" can mean more than just something you sleep on.  If you mean something other than "the thing you sleep on" then you should not do the BED-[furniture-used-for-sleeping] sign.

The sign for "bed" can also be done with just one hand or both hands. 
You can do it with either hand, on either side of the head.  What I mean by that is you can place the back of your hand against the side of your head, or you can place the palm of your hand against the side of your head.  Or you can do as shown here by placing both hands together and then placing them both to the side of your slightly tilted head.  Most right-handed signers will do the sign on the right side of the head.


BED (variation)

BED (variation)

Go to bed:

Sample sentence: During summer vacation, what time do you go to bed?


Note:  The sign bedroom has several variations. See: "BEDROOM"


If you mean "bed" as in the bed of a truck -- typically you should just spell "B-E-D."
If you need to show what the bed is doing (dump truck perhaps?) you could use a flat hand to show the location and movement of the "bed."

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