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American Sign Language: "busy"

The sign for "busy" generally fingerspelled. 
Sample sentence: Tomorrow are you busy?

Note: The fingerspelled version of the sign #BUSY tends to trace a "Z" path in the air. If you don't know what I'm talking about, that is okay, just spell BUSY quickly you'll still be understood, but native Deaf tend to start with the B, move a bit to the right as they change to the U, then down and to the left as they do the S, and a bit to the right as they do the Y. 

While the concept of "busy" is generally just spelled very quickly, there is also a signed version of "busy" that uses a modified version of the sign "BUSINESS."  To use this version of "busy" do the sign for business using a much smaller, quicker movement.


CAN YOU MANAGE YOUR-SELF BUSINESS? (Can you run your own business?)



Sometimes you'll see the concept of "none of your business" expressed as NYB ("not your business).  You might even see NYOB (yes I know, the order of the letters is a bit mixed up, it just rolls off the fingers better that way).  It has quite a while since I've seen this sign though.  Perhaps it is because I haven't stuck my nose into things that are not my business?

NYB = None of your business:


Note: In the autumn of 2008 I attended a BBQ with a bunch of my friends.  Let's see...two Ph.D.s, 3 MA's,  and a 4th generation Deaf grandmother of two more generations of Deaf, -- ALL of us college teachers of ASL.  (I've GOT to get a wider circle of friends eh?)  We head to the beach (lakeside) for a bit of rest and relaxation and what do we do? We spend the whole freaking afternoon haggling about SIGN LANGUAGE variations!!!  I kid you not, the six of us EACH used a different sign or set of signs for the concept: "None of your business!"
So, next time your local ASL teacher tells you that his/her sign is the "right" sign, just nod your head sweetly, do it his/her way, and remember that in a few weeks class will be over. Then head to your local Deaf hangout and learn to sign how the local Deaf do it.

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