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American Sign Language: "crochet"

The "right" sign for "knit" will depend on whom you ask. But since you are here, that means you are asking me and so I'll show you what I use.  Plus I'll show you a few variations that I've seen.


I just got off the VP (video phone) with Karen Foust.  She is a friend of mine.  She is also a typical grandma type person and she has actually done crochet.   (Plus for the record she is a Deaf grandmother of Deaf grandchildren.)   She's been around "forever" and enjoys homemaking, crafts, and such.  I've never crocheted in my life.  So I figure I'll show you what SHE uses and recommend you go with that.  But then for the heck of it I'll show you what I use (further below).


CROCHET:  (Karen's version)
She holds two index fingers together and pulls one of them  away from the other while changing it into an "X" handshape. Then she repeats the movement.


Okay, now I'll show you the sign that I use for CROCHET.  You might think that my using a different sign from what Karen uses would have some sort of negative effect on my life.  But honestly I don't think it has lessened my quality of life any.  So, I'll probably just keep on using this same sign to mean "do some sort of craft work involving needles and string or yarn."  Heh.  For all of you people who actually know the difference between knitting and crocheting and want two different signs -- hey feel free to use Karen's sign for crochet (above) and go see her sign for knit at: "KNIT".



Here's another version for your amusement. This one starts with straight index fingers and then pulls both of them outward into "X" handshapes.  I think this is the version that Karen's husband (Robert) uses. Note: Robert is a mechanic not a crocheter (is that a word?).  So for what it is worth (which probably isn't much, heh) here's his method.  Start with crossed index fingers and pull them both to the side as you change them both into "X" hands.

CROCHET:  Version 3


Also see:  for KNIT

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